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Commercial Roofing

affordable commercial roofing service

Commercial roofing can be anything to do with roofs for commercial buildings, such as schools, offices, or businesses. These are usually on a larger scale than residential roofing, and there are more often other contractors at the same time (though we are happy to work with other contractors at any time - including in residential projects).

The most common reasons that our customers want commercial roofing is for roof installation and for roof repair, but if you want something else, contact us and we at Schaumburg Roofers Co would be happy to help in any way that we possibly can

Roof replacement for commercial properties

Roof replacement needs to happen every now and again in even the best constructed building. Exactly how often it needs to happen depends on the weather - it might have been damaged by storms/high winds, etc - and the type of roofing. We use high quality equipment and expertly trained staff who have been doing their job for a long time. Because of this, we are able to ensure the best outcomes for your roof replacement.

The reasons that you may need your roof replacing may not be immediately obvious, so if you have any doubts, get in contact and we can help you decide.

Roof installation for commercial properties

Roof installation is required when a house or other property is being built. For commercial roofing, we are used to working with and around other contractors who are working on other parts of the building that is being constructed. We understand that the roofs on many commercial buildings may be very large, and we are prepared for this.

What we do in emergencies

In case of an emergency - for example if there is a sudden large leak in your roof, or if it suddenly breaks, just contact us using the contact page, and we can be there very quickly. In cases like this, we will be in and out in a timely manner to make sure that the building can be used again very quickly.

If you believe that you have an emergency, please call us for the fastest response. This way, we can make sure that we have a crew at your property as fast as possible. Make sure to tell us that this is an emergency, so that we can prioritize your case. Your business matters to us, so Schaumburg Roofers Co will be able to work in the most efficient way possible so you can get back to work.

Our commercial roofing service

Our commercial roofing service is valued by our customers because of our high standards, fair prices and the fact that we are able to work with other contractors to ensure that the job gets done as quickly as possible. Of course, we also work well with the customer, to help make their experience with us as efficient as possible.

By using state of the art tools and equipment, we can make sure that the entire process is completely safe - both for the customer and for our crew. In fact, we have made a name for ourselves as being safe, competent and having a focus on the customer that is second to none.

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